This screen displays all the entries as a graph. You can scroll it left and right to see a particular time interval depending on the selected scale.

*The graph is important because it shows you all viable information distributed by short periods of time. You can easily find patterns in your daily medications/insulin intakes and your foods intakes. You can also analyze how different actions affect your body, for example exercises, insulin injections or bigger/lower food intakes.

  1. Glucose Entry
  2. Insulin injection mark
  3. Carbohydrates amount mark if present. Note that it should match the insulin mark if insulin covers the carbohydrates amount according your carbohydrates ratio for the time of the entry.
  4. Basal rate change
  5. Medications mark
  6. Insulin activity graph. You can see the peaks of activity especially if you have multiple injections before the expiration time of the first injection.
  7. “Scale” changes the scale of the graph. You can select from day, week, month and year.
  8. “Time” positions the graph view at a particular time
  9. “Settings” allows you to configure which marks and elements in the graph to see.
  10. Glucose levels line
  11. Glucose infusion rates line
  12. Timeline showing 0-24 hours from the day
  13. Shown time interval

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