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Insulin Action Curves

The following charts present the insulin action curves over time (Glucose Infusion Rate) calculated for 0.4 IU/kg or 30 IU for 75 kg weight. These graphs are displayed in the Graph screen for every entry containing insulin data the Weight is entered in Settings/Personal/Weight.

Intermediate-acting: NPH, Humulin N®, Novolin N®, Insulatard®, Protaphane®

Long-acting insulin glargine: Lantus®

Long-acting insulin detemir: Levemir®

Pre-mixed insulin aspart protamine suspension 50% (intermediate-acting) and insulin aspart 50% (rapid-acting): Novolog® 50/50

Pre-mixed insulin aspart protamine suspension 70% (intermediate-acting) and insulin aspart 30% (rapid-acting): Novolog® 70/30

Short-acting: Regular, Humulin R®, Novolin R®

Rapid-acting: Humalog®

Rapid-acting: Apidra®

Rapid-acting: Novolog®