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Managing the Logbook

Figure 1 - Logbook screen
Adding new Logbook entries
When you enter the Logbook you can add new logbook entries or review old ones.

Clicking the "Log entry" button on the main screen takes you directly to the Logbook with all the fields empty and ready for a new Logbook entry. On the Logbook screen you have a lot of options and details that you can enter. Follow the screen pins with the provided list of functions and options:
  1. The "+" button on the top - clear all fields, preparing them for a new logbook entry
  2. Calculator - the calculator button takes you to the bolus calculator where you can enter the food you're eating and let the application calculate the needed insulin. See more in the Using the Calculator page.
  3. Save the entered information in a new entry or overwrite existing one if you've selected one before entering information.
  4. Show/hide the Logbook - you can hide or show the logbook with this button.
  5. More options - from this menu you can choose more options for the logbook entries
    • Filter - apply a filter to the Logbook to filter out the needed information according to a lot of different criterias (check out figure 2)
    • Date - choose a date and filter the Logbook entries according to this date
    • Delete - delete the selected Logbook entry
  6. More information - go to a screen to enter or view more information like weight, HbA1c, ketones, blood pressure, exercises. (figure 3)
  7. Expand the carbohydrate field to add fats, proteins  and calories
  8. Add glucose testing site - select from where you've taken your glucose blood sample choosing, from visual graphic of left and right hand.
  9. Add insulin injection site - select where you've injected your insulin, choosing from visual graphic of front and back of the body with possible injection sites.
  10. You can add additional notes to your entry - voice, text or photos.
  11. Access the main menu
When you're ready with your entered info hit the "Save" button (№ 3) and your new entry will appear in the Logbook and will be focused (if it's not hidden).

Figure 4 - View Logbook entries
Reviewing Logbook entries
On the Logbook screen despite adding new entries, you can view, edit and delete old entries. 
  1. Filter Logbook entries using the upper right options menu (Figure 1, № 5) or from the magnifier icon on the left (Figure 4, № 1)
  2. Select an entry by clicking it, the selected entry will be gray
  3. Expand/collapse the logbook
  • To view old log entries make sure the Logbook is not hidden (Figure 1, № 4).
  • When you click on a logbook entry, the saved information will load in the upper part of the screen and you can review it, including the additional info (weight, HbA1c, exercises)
  • If you change the information and click the "Save" icon, the application will ask you if you want to overwrite the entry or save it as a new one
  • You can delete the selected logbook entry from the upper right options menu (Figure 1, № 5)
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Figure 5 - Viewing Logbook Entry