Android wear

Diabetes:M has an Android wear app with watchfaces! To use it just connect your android wear and the app will install automatically. For now the app supports only watches with Android wear os.
  • There are 2 watch faces, one with digital clock and one with analog
  • On the watch faces you can see your 
    • last glucose measurement with time
    • last insulin dose with time
    • last carbohydrates intake with time
    • current active insulin
  • You can enter a new logbook entry by tapping the watch and swiping right
    1. Enter current glucose level
    2. Enter carbohydrates intake
    3. The watch will calculate the needed insulin dose if it's connected to the phone and warn you if there's something unusual like hypoglycemia possibility
    4. Enter the insulin dosage that you'll take
    5. Enter the category and hit save on the top of the watch
Watch faces