About Us

What we do

Sirma Medical Systems develops software applications to improve the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

Its leading product, Diabetes: M, is an Android application used to help diabetes sufferers monitor, control and manage diabetes and predict changes in their health status.

Applications, such as Diabetes: M are incorporated into Sirma’s single, integrated platform to track vital parameters needed by patients and doctors as well as provide clear data visualizations and dashboards for easy use.

About the company

Sirma Medical Systems, founded in 2016, offers software applications and integrated platforms for e-Health. Diabetes: M is among the most downloaded applications for the Android OS, with more than 160,000 installations and ~40,000 active users.


Diabetes: M – an Android application, which offers a set of analytical functions, monitoring tools and related indictors, comprehensive dashboards to facilitate diabetic patients. The application even offers treatments and diet plans and is recommended by health professionals. Diabetes: M will be offered for iOS devices in Q1 2017.

The application’s roadmap includes an integrated solution be connected to measuring equipment for use by medical providers.

A wide range of new medical applications are also planned to improve the diagnosis and prevention of diseases that have a significant social impact, such as stroke heart attack and cancer.